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We are now selling some used demo rigs.  Check out the pics below:

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HANSONBIKES RIP CORD $795.00 + $40.00 domestic shipping SOLD!

The Rip Cord (short for "Ripping the Corderoy") is a bike that I designed and built as a rental bike for Heavenly Valley Resort in Lake Tahoe.  They have 30 of these bikes in their rental fleet.  It was designed to be the easiest handling ski-bike around, so that all the first-timers who show up at Adventure Peak at the top of the gondola at Heavenly would have an easy time riding and carrying it on the lift.  Instead of the traditional foot pegs, this ride features a large platform for your feet.  This came about at the behest of the trick BMX community who are accustomed to having their feet split (one forward and one to the rear) just like when you have rotating crank arms on a BMX bike.  They were not used to having their feet right next to each other, so this set-up allows for a split stance which they seem to love.  I too am now a fan of the split stance riding position.  It feels more stable and you have more control over your body position.  There is a huge added advantage for some adaptive skiers as well.  A few years ago, I tore my medial meniscus in my right knee.  In the months preceding my surgery, I walked with a limp and was unable to ski or snowboard at all.  I could, however, ride a ski-bike but only in the seated position.  On the Rip Cord, I was able to stand with a split stance with my left leg back and right leg forward.  All of my body weight was distributed between my arms on the handlebars, and my left (rear) leg.  My right leg was just sort of hanging out in the middle with no weight on it.  So I was able to ride standing up doing short radius turns the way I was used to.  I was not able to do this on bikes with side-by-side foot pegs.  This bike features the Ski-MX kit with X-rail skis that can be removed and used on any bike.  It has a low-end 3-inch travel front fork (easily replaced with any fork you like) and a cushy, spring-loaded seat mounted atop a suspension seat post.  It rides as comfortably as any full suspension bike I've ridden.  You can absolutely rail carves on this machine, and it is a favorite amongst BMX park rats (as evidenced by the pics in the photo gallery of superman-seat-grabs, tail-whips, can cans.....).  The bike and components are all brand new, with a used Ski-MX kit on it.  They used to retail for $995.00 new, so this one is a deal at $795.00.

HANSONBIKES RIP CORD (smaller rider) $695.00 + $40.00 domestic shipping 

This Rip Cord is the one that I set up to race in Durango at the Ski-bike Festival.  I was winning the main until I crashed and Jacek Stahlmach had to jump clear over top of me to avoid impaling me with his front ski (there is a video of it on YouTube).  For racing, I lowered the seat to lower the center of gravity, but I guess I left it there too long, because when I tried to raise it back up, I found that the seat-post was totally fused in place.  It is a long seat-post that reaches all the way down towards the bottom of the seat tube, so I guess there is just too much surface area gripping it in place.  I have tried everything from heat to pipe wrenches, but it wont budge.  The bike is still comfortable to ride, but being 6'3", I prefer the seat to be about 1.5" higher than this one.  It is perfect for anyone 6 feet or under, you can just never adjust the seat height.  The bike features a Ski-MX kit with X-rail skis that can be removed and used on any bike.  It has a low-end 3" travel front fork, and a cushy spring-loaded saddle mounted atop a suspension seat-post. 

Have fun out there,

~Matt Hanson, Owner
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