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Prototype testing for new through axle design is underway!
We are currently testing a prototype that will work for all through axle designs.  The new brackets are wider, beefier, and use a bungee arm system to stabliize the ski when airborn.  You can see pics of the new design testing on our Facebook page:

2014 Kits without skis are now shipping!
Updated as of April 4, 2014

If you would like to order a kit without skis, please send me an email at stating exactly what you'd like to order - i.e. BMX 110mm rear dropout or MTB 135mm configuration, along with your shipping address and phone#.  I will then send you an invoice through the secure PayPal system that you can pay using a credit card.  Your kit will ship out within 3 days of receipt of payment and should arrive within 7 business days.

Alpine Skibikes is the world's premier manufacturer of ski-bike conversion kits.  Our kits are constructed of extruded 6061 T-6 aluminum.  We no longer offer the kits with skis as the demand for those was very limited.

If you choose to buy a kit without skis you still have many ski options to consider. You can use children's skis (like the "Elan" skis pictured above left) or twin-tip ski-boards (like the "Line" ski-boards pictured above right) or you can choose to cut off the tips of some old skis from your basement.  The optimum length for 20" BMX bikes is 85-90cm, and for 26" mountain bikes 95-100cm seems to work best. 

Yes, the kit will fit (via removal of a spacer) either size rear dropout (as long as it is the standard 3/8" axle size).  Mountainbikes have a 135 mm width between rear dropouts, and BMX bikes have a 110mm width.  The kit has been engineered to fit both of these standard sizes.  All forks have a 100mm width.  If you have a 20mm through-axle, we have 20mm adaptors that allow the kit to be used with these axles as well. 


To see huge high-res pics of the products, click on the "Photo Gallery" tab at the top of this page.

Ski-MX Conversion Kit (without skis)

Important Note: this year's kits do not have countersinks on the mounting holes and they also have 4 additional mounting holes in a 100mm x 50mm pattern.

US Patent #6626441       


US Patent


20mm Axle Adaptors (shown mounted to front bracket)

The shipping cost in the contiguous USA is $15.00 per kit.  The kits without skis retail for $269.95 + $15.00 for domestic shipping.  If you have a bike with a 20mm through-axle, you will also need to order the 20mm axle adaptors for $29.95.  You can place your order on the "Buy It!" page.

We have built a small production run of these kits and they are selling fast, so don't wait and miss your opportunity to get one of these unique and sought-after kits; order it today!


To order a kit, simply click on the link at the top of this page that says, "Buy It!" 

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